Investigator List


If you would like to be on my investigator list please email me your address and information as shown below. If you are working with HMEC and would like to post information (abstracts, etc.) on this website, please include that information as well.

HMEC Query Network

I frequently receive requests from investigators about whether anyone has or is studying a certain problem, or where particular reagents may be obtained, or best methods to perform studies, etc. The Newsletter List is set up so that anyone on the list can send out an email message/query to everyone else on the list. If you would like to be part of this interactive network, email, using the word "subscribe" as your subject. This will automatically add your address to the list. To send or reply to a message from this mailing list, send email to the following address (distinct from the address above):

To find a specific researcher, click on the letter that corresponds to their last name.

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