Fig. 2

Figure 2. Growth of pre-stasis HMEC in M85 or M87 ± oxytocin (X) or BSA (A). A. Primary cultures from three reduction mammoplasty specimens were started from organoids and grown in M85 ± X. The number of PD in primary culture cannot be accurately determined; growth is shown starting from passage 2. Growth of 184 HMEC in MM is shown for comparison. All media contained cholera toxin from passage 2. B. Frozen stocks of second pasasge184 HMEC were grown in media with (M85) or without (M87) conditioned media ± lipid rich BSA (A), in the presence of oxytocin. 250MK are cells derived from milk, grown in MM for primary culture, then switched to M85+X at second passage. Note the rapid initial growth in these new media formulations. These results indicate that it is possible to generate large batches of early passage pre-stasis HMEC from individual donors. (4)